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Hello my friends!! We are students of the second level of Childhood Education. We study the cognitive, emotional, social and sexual development of children. Also, the autonomy, the habits and the routines. We organise activities for children, such as songs, stories, games,... in English and Spanish. In this blog, we offer interactive resources in English to use with children. Furthermore, we will prepare some group dynamics and we will also deal with some interesting English speaking countries festivities and customs, such as Halloween, Christmas Holiday, Valentines Day, Easter and Father´s Day and Mother´s Day. Thank you very much for visiting our blog.

Grammar & Vocab Revision

GRAMMAR and VOCABULARY on the internet
Here are some suggestions of useful sites where you can learn a lot. 
Click on their names and take a look:

SUB inglés : A funny way of learning English, a great variety of songs with activities.

Isabel Pérez's .This web page is already a classic. English for all levels.

Agenda Web A little bit of everything, a very complete and well organized web, with exercises for alllevels.

Inglés total An excellent web to practise your English. Extremely complete.

Om Exercises hundreds of activities

Yappr Wonderful. The most modern way of learning grammar, vocabulary and listening. You just can't miss it.   

Do it in English  A very interesting blogs. Many exercises and a lot about sociocultural aspects of English.

Carmenlu Perfect to find vocabulary lists of all kind and material for the lower levels.

Manythings.org A great variety of activities, with games, quizzes and videos to practise grammar, vocabulary, reading and listening.

Using English Grammar and vocabulary exercises.

English page More grammar and vocabulary exercises with clear explanations.

Tolearnenglish.com A little bit of everything.

English grammar online Good exercises online.

AULA FÁCIL Free English courses.

The akinator Apparently this genius guesses what you are thinking after you have asked him fifteen questions. Are you brave enough to play this game in English?

Curso Completo de Inglés en wikilibros

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