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Sunday, November 18, 2012

A song to improve listening skills & singing!

Browse the net on your own this time and find out the answers for the questions below: 

  • Who wrote this song? 
  • When?
  • When was the song first released?
  • What do you know about the myth surrounding its genesis?

Try the online listening activity below


EducaciónInfantil said...

The song "As Tears good by" was composed by Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Andrew Loog Oldham in 1964.

This song is considered as the first original composition by Jagger and Richards. It is said that the manager Andrew Loog Oldham forced to write the theme, to the point of locking them in a kitchen until they could write. Finally managed to write something together, the theme is called "As Time Goes By", the same title of a song by Dooley Wilson that was included in the movie Casablanca. Oldham suggested changing the word "time" for "tears".

This song was not considered suitable for the image for The Rolling Stones, it was decided to "give away" the composition to Marianne Faithfull, Jagger's then-girlfriend. The song was a worldwide success.
This event brought the Stones to record their own version: a song so simple but striking, with a lovely letter longed youth was slowly falling behind.

By Soraya

EducaciónInfantil said...

"As Tears Go By" is a song written by The Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger, guitarist Keith Richards, and their manager Andrew Loog Oldham, and was a popular hit for both British singer Marianne Faithfull in 1964 and The Rolling Stones[1] in 1965.

A story surrounding the song's genesis has it that Rolling Stones manager Andrew Loog Oldham locked Jagger and Richards in a kitchen in order to force them to write a song together, even suggesting what type of song he wanted: “I want a song with brick walls all around it, high windows and no sex.” The result was initially named “As Time Goes By”, the title of the song Dooley Wilson sings in the film Casablanca. It was Oldham who changed “Time” for “Tears".

It is sometimes said that the song was written as an answer to The Beatles' "Yesterday," a strings-driven ballad that became one of the band's biggest hits in 1965. However, this is false; "As Tears Go By" was written at least one year before "Yesterday"'s parent album, Help!, was even released (although Paul McCartney had written and played the song for many people in 1964 before finally releasing it on the album Help!).

By Esther Rodríguez