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Hello my friends!! We are students of the second level of Childhood Education. We study the cognitive, emotional, social and sexual development of children. Also, the autonomy, the habits and the routines. We organise activities for children, such as songs, stories, games,... in English and Spanish. In this blog, we offer interactive resources in English to use with children. Furthermore, we will prepare some group dynamics and we will also deal with some interesting English speaking countries festivities and customs, such as Halloween, Christmas Holiday, Valentines Day, Easter and Father´s Day and Mother´s Day. Thank you very much for visiting our blog.

Saturday, February 09, 2013

The Tree

I would like you, dear students, to see this tree-device as a metaphor of your learning process.

 Visit this link to find out what the tree is about.

 The tree is a helpful unifying device linking theory and practice. The BRANCHES represent what the student needs to learn, the TRUNK represents what the student brings with them to the learning context and the ROOTS represent the theories to be considered in teaching.

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